Winter 2021 Virtual Seminar Series

Date Speaker Institution Title Recording
02/17/21 Kelly Cross University of Nevada-Reno An Honest Conversation: Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering not available
01/27/21 Danny Caballero Michigan State University Supporting the Integration of Numerical Computation in Physics Education


Fall 2020 Virtual Seminar Series

Date Speaker Institution Title Recording
11/18/20 James Holly, Jr. Wayne State University Dignifying the Disinherited: The Case for Pro-Black Engineering Education Research  View 
10/28/20 Rosemary Perez University of Michigan (Re)Engaging the Role of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Engineering Graduate Education View
10/07/20 Walter Lee Virginia Tech The Uphill Battle of Broadening Participation View
09/23/20 Stephanie Masta & Alice Pawley Purdue University Examining the Hard Truths of Whiteness and Maleness in Engineering Education View
09/09/20 Monique Ross Florida International University Cracking the Diversity Code: Understanding Computing Pathways of Those Least Represented in Order to Foster Their Representation View

Fall 2019 Seminar Series

Date Speaker Institution Title Recording
11/13/19 August Evrard University of Michigan Access and Transparency in Action: Experience with Atlas and Problems Roulette View
10/23/19 Cindy Atman University of Washington Design Signatures: Empirically Based Representations of Design Processes View
09/25/19 Aileen Huang Saad University of Michigan Advancing Evidence-based Biomedical Engineering Educationin Real Time  

Winter 2019 Seminar Series

Date Speaker Institution Title Recording
04/10/19 Aaron Johnson & Jessica Swenson University of Michigan What and How Should Students Learn in Engineering Science Courses? View
04/03/19   NCID & EER Panel Discussion The Future of STEM Mentoring: A Discussion about Mentoring Insights, Research, and Practices View
03/13/19 Lisa Benson Clemson University Engineering Students’ Time-Oriented Motivation and Its Relation to Persistence at Tasks and Goals  View
02/13/19 Erin Cech University of Michigan The Commitment to Objectivity as a Mechanism of Inequality in STEM  
01/16/19 Mark Guzdial University of Michigan Computing Education as a Foundation for 21st Century Literacy  
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