The EER M.S. Program provides foundational knowledge of EER topics, theories, and research methods as well as a specialization appropriate to students’ intended career path. Students may earn the M.S. degree in the following ways. First, students may apply for and be admitted to the EER Program to earn a stand-alone EER M.S. degree. Second, students admitted to the Ph.D. program will be eligible to add the master’s degree after successful completion of the 30 credit hours of master’s degree coursework (typically within two years).

Credit Requirement

Category# of Courses# of Credits
Engineering Education Core (EER 601 and EER 602)26
Research Methods Core39-15
Specialization Electives3 or moreUp to 15
Total8 or more30 (minimum)

May include up to 6 credits of EER 690: Graduate Independent/Directed Studies and up to 3 credits of EER 598: Special Topics in EER.

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