Ph.D. Program

EER Graduate Student Manual


The Ph.D. program requires 36 credits of coursework and 48 hours of research experience, as shown in the table below. These requirements provide a foundation to prepare students to plan and conduct research in engineering education.

Course and credit requirements for EER Ph.D. 


# courses # credits
Engineering Education Core 2 6 (minimum)
Research Methods Core 4 12 (minimum)
Specialization Electives 5 15 (minimum)
Immersive Learning Experience 1 3 (minimum)
Research Experience n/a 48 (approx.)

A grade of B- or better to count for credit towards the degree.  The curriculum includes an M.S. degree in EER (30 credits) typically awarded within the first two years.

EER Courses

  • EER 601: Foundations of Engineering Education Research (3 credits, to be offered every year)
  • EER 602: Introduction to Theoretical Frameworks (3 credits, to be offered every year)
  • EER 610: Immersive Learning Experience
  • Research methods core: 4 courses
  • Specialization electives: 5 courses

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